Blair Construction has won several national awards for home automation using products from companies such as HAI, Universal Remote, Leviton, and others. 

An automated home coordinates security systems, thermostats, lighting and audio video into one easy to use system that saves energy, enhances safety and is incredibly convenient.

Switching hall lights with motion detectors, turning on stairway lights with a pressure sensor on the first and last step instead of manual switches, programming your thermostat to preset conditions when you arm or disarm your alarm are just a few ways of incorporating automation into your home. When used in this way automation can greatly reduce energy costs. Thermostats are always set appropriately and lights are always on or off when you need them to be. You can program day to day activities such as lights, window treatments, thermostats, and alarm systems, to operate at the push of one button. More specific things can be programmed individually like fireplaces, pools, landscape lighting, irrigation, surveilance, etc.

Today's automation systems include remote access monitoring which lets you control your system from a laptop, iphone, ipad, or any smart phone. These systems start at $1,200 and include thermostat control, some lights, and security system control. They can go up to $30,000 and include some really neat features like driveway sensors that announce visitors and light a path to the house, voice announcement when doors or windows are left open, lights switch on or off at specific times, curtains or shades that open or close at specific times. There are even entertainment features that dim lights, turn on the fireplace and music and close the shades at the touch of a button. You can customize these systems to include all the features you want and none you don't. We can demonstrate all of these features and show how easy they are to use.

Every house built today should include some form of automation.